Q: How much does it cost to use ACCEL PCI?

A: The total cost depends on the merchant level and required SAQ to complete. There is an initial 60$ cost (applicable the first year only) for completing the ACCEL PCI Questionnaire. This questionnaire will allow for the portal to make a recommendation on an SAQ or Self-Assesment Questionnaire. Our technician will explain, if needed, how to get to the lowest risk level as possible. Once completed it will give the merchant a comprehensive understanding of what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Returning customers can complete their initial questionnaire for free. Depending on the level, ACCEL PCI only costs between 350$ and 545$ all fees included, plus applicable taxes (support hours and elearning sessions are included based on the SAQ). Contrarily to some other QSA companies, no support hours or any other surprise charges will be added to complete your certification*. It is all in!

Be assured that ACCEL PCI is the most cost-effective partner to merchants for PCI compliance!

* Some exceptions apply and will be clearly identified upon enrollment.

Q: How much does PCI compliance cost?

A: There are multiple levels of certifications depending on the size of transactions performed by a merchant in a year and the value of its transactions. Each level requires different tasks and levels of security – and sometimes with several audits and vulnerability tests – which can increase the cost of getting a certification. If it is completed with the help of a Certified QSA (and not through a portal like ACCEL PCI), costs can vary between 20,000$ and 50,000$ and sometimes even more. Thankfully, with ACCEL PCI, small organisations could complete their entire certification without getting rid of the support at a fraction of this cost and still be backed by a Certified QSA!

Q: Why is IATA asking Travel agents to be compliant?

A: IATA was required by Airlines to ensure that their agencies and sales channels be PCI DSS compliant. Following this, IATA has mandated that all their Accredited Travel Agents be PCI DSS compliant.

Q: Are there penalties?

A: To ensure enforcement, penalties can be charged by banks in case of a breach. These penalties ranging from $500$ to $500,000. For example, JP Morgan charged 50K$ US in case of a breach due to the noncompliance to PCI DSS from one of its merchants.